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After 25 years of professional turf management in the most demanding situations, David Longville brings his remarkable golf course experience to your home lawn. Longville Lawns is dedicated to providing the finest quality lawn care guided by the most up-to-date, scientific and environmentally sensitive practices.

Our company was formed on four key principles:
  • Apply 25 years of golf course experience to the development of healthy, beautiful, premium home lawns.
  • Utilize careful analysis to produce a lawn care plan which gives your lawn just what it needs.
  • Offer customers a full range of competitively priced services so they can select just what they want.
  • Manage the company and the services provided in an ecologically and environmentally responsible manner.

David Longville is a former Certified Golf Course Superintendent. This certification is based on his extensive training, broad experience and rigorous testing. He has a proven track record as a superintendent with six of the areas leading golf courses. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Horticulture; Specializing in Turfgrass Management and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management. David’s passion for turf management extends beyond the golf course to include lawn class curriculum development and teaching at Chippewa Valley Technical College, authoring turf grass articles for industry publications and serving on the horticultural advisory committee at CVTC.


At Longville Lawns we believe it’s better to know than to guess. Our work on your lawn begins with research. We will first analyze the site, micro-environment and soil before we decide on the management program for your lawn. This allows us to develop a truly customized program which supplies exactly what your lawn needs.

Our recommended programs are based on supported scientific research. You’ll receive a soil analysis from a certified soil testing laboratory to support our recommended lawn care plan. Each lawn care plan is personalized – no standard packages.

  • Soil analysis
  • pH adjustments
  • Nutrient program design


Longville Lawns offers a full range of lawn services. From routine maintenance, to complete lawn renovations, you select just the service you want. We’ll also design organic systems and applications as well.

  • Fertilizing
  • Cultural programs including de-thatching and aerification
  • Weed, disease & insect control
  • Mowing
  • Turf renovation, from seed to sod


Longville Lawns can also develop the proper watering program for your lawn. After all, it only seems appropriate that the company managing your lawn care also prescribes the watering protocol. And, we can provide complete maintenance service for existing irrigation systems.

  • Watering programs: water usage and coverage
  • Irrigation system installation
  • Irrigation system repairs: controllers, sprinkler heads


With many of us finding a difficult time getting to the golf course we have a perfect solution for you to fine tune that all important putting stroke right in the privacy of your own backyard. At Longville Lawns we have over 25 years of experience building and maintaining golf course putting greens. Today we are excited to introduce an affordable way to have a putting green at home. We offer both natural and artificial turf options and will build the green to your preferences. You pick the speed, terrain, breaks, layout - then we’ll design your own custom green.

  • Real turf installation
  • Synthetic turf installation
  • Greens maintenance


Retention ponds are increasingly becoming a part of our residential and commercial landscape. And, property owners have discovered that ponds, like lawns require routine maintenance. Whether it is bank erosion, smell due to aquatic weed infestations or controlling invasive plants, Longville Lawns can help. We have a certified aquatic plant specialist to handle just about any situation

  • Pond design & installation
  • Pond treatment
  • Invasive species control


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